David HB Drake

Creative Consultant in Management creativity, ethics, and planning, Song and creative writing, Theatrical Direction and Lighting Design, Young Artist mentoring, Arts in Education Residencies


Storytelling Specialist - Adult workshops and courses, presentations, educational residencies, individual coaching
Elementary School Library Consultant- programming, collection building, children’s literature, reading promotion

Jennifer Esh

English as a Second Language Specialist- Consulting on ESL programs using the arts, general and specialized ESL curriculum, ‘’‘fluent in Spanish

Skip Jones

Recording and Studio Sound Engineer,On-Site Recording, CD Production, Specialist in compilation compact disks

Sandy Lewis

Advertising Product consultant

Mark Reveson (l’il Rev)

Digital Photography

Dusty Rose

Cirriculum Writer, Story craft, Editor, Alternative Education consultant

Fritz Schueller

Folk Music Instruments and history
Golden Ring Music and Folklore Center

Betty Salamun

Modern Dance Choreography, Portfolio Assessment consultant

Family Tree Festival Family Stage Planning

Organic Arts can create and populate your Family Stage for your Festival, School, or Community Event!

All we need is the time and dates(s)you want filled and an electrical outlet-
We provide all the rest at a package price to be determined by your needs and budget. This can be a simple as an area under a tree with blankets spread out for families to picnic and participate to a raised stage with a simple sound system and backdrop.
(That’s why we need one electrical outlet- it’s hard to be heard outside without it!)

Some of our artists CAN also stroll the grounds doing one-on-one interaction in costume.

You choose which of our artists most appropraite for your event and we’ll do the rest!

Stage Equipment Available through:

Dance Circus Ltd.-Small Venue Lighting Equipment, Dance Flooring

Cabin in the Woods - Sound Recording, CD Reproduction, Concert Engineering

Wiscon-Sing - Small Venue Sound Equipment /414–702–6053

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