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Julie Thompson- Sky Schultz-Sandy Lewis-David HB Drake-Wildflower-Jean-Andrew-Michael Drake
(Not shown: Linda and Poul Sandersen, Doug Esty, Paul Akert, Diane Bloom, Twila Bergeron)

Please contact each artists individually.

To book a SERIES of our Artists, contact

orgarts@gmail.com 414–702–6053

David HB Drake

David’s concerts are a feast of familiar old folk songs with a strong family message and a grass roots portrait of the Midwest. David performs songs, poems, and stories on many different instruments including banjo, dulcimer, concertina, Native American Flute, and of course, guitar. Folks of all ages are welcome to sing along with a patchwork quilt of songs that are as warm as the back porch on a summer night. Let’s “Gather the Family” and sing together like we did in the good old days!

Programs especially for adults and seniors:

Potluck -A Feast of Songs for Seniors any time of year!
Blowing in the Wind -Classic Folk Songs of the 50s and 60s
Let There be Light -Folk Songs for the Christmas season
Wish I Had a Troubadour-Irish/Celtic Songs for St Patrick’s Day
Wiscon-Sing-Songs of Wisconsin and it’s history with slides
Heartland-Songs of Illinois and it’s history with slides
In the Good Old Summertime-Songs for the Fourth of July, picnics, and America
A Joyful Noise-Songs of Faith for Easter or church events
Gather the Family-Intergenerational songs for when the kids visit

Please see David’s website and call for further information:

David HB Drake

For David’s Webpage within the Organic Arts website see:Cooperating Artists

Further Information

My POTLUCK program is good any time of year! It presents a feast of folk songs about families, love, growing older, and familiar folk songs and stories. The songs change with the seasons and can include special themes. It’s as warm and gentle as Grandma’s patchwork quilt and about as diversified. GATHER THE FAMILY is similar, with multi-generational sing-along songs to help kids, parents, and grandparents to all sing together.

BLOWING IN THE WIND presents the classic folk songs of the 1950s and 1960s. The favorite songs of Peter Paul & Mary, The Kingston Trio, John Denver, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and more ring out in a hootnanny of memorable tunes we grew up on.
(also available as a duo or trio- see below)

For the Christmas season, my LET THERE BE LIGHT presents a different look as the music of the season. Rather than the same old worn out tunes heard on the radio every December, I sing interesting and touching songs of the Christmas season that are less often heard, played on a variety of instruments including banjo, concertina, dulcimer, Native flute, and of course, guitar. Songs like the Moon of Wintertime, the first carol sung in North America, and “Oh Joseph”, a conversation with Mary’s husband, bring a fresh insight into the meaning of Christmas.

For St. Patrick’s Day, WISH I HAD A TROUBADOUR combines familiar Irish songs with lesser known songs from the emerald isle and songs written
here in America .

My history programs, WISCON-SING and HEARTLAND each presents the history of Wisconsin and Illinois respectively using a combination of slides, stories, and folk songs to present the heritage of this area. Special “sing-along” slides help the audience join in on the chorus.

GOOD OLD SUMMERTIME is a celebration of America, picnics, baseball, Mom, and apple pie.

A JOYFUL NOISE presents folk songs of the spirit for Easter or any time of year for church events and occasions of faith. David is the song-leader of the Congregation of the Great Spirit in Milwaukee.

For more information about David
Please see his website: www.davidhbdrake.com

For videos of David in action, go to www.YouTube.com/user/MrDHBD

Julie Thompson

A Voice Beyond Genre, Julie Thompson makes it all sound good. A common remark spoken to Julie after a performance at a Senior Community - “I could listen to you all day long”.

Her performances go to the heart…intimate, yet worthy of a large stage, she loves all her musical projects and takes special pride in her rapport with Seniors at Communities she visits in Wisconsin and Maine.

Julie sings in various groups and styles: Jazz (Julie Thompson’s High Standards), Motown (Nite n’ Day with Bobby Jiles), Folk (Dangerous Folk Trio), Blues (South End Blues Band), 70’s Pop (with Troy Hergert) and as a guest singer for church services.

“Julie Thompson sings with a style that is silky and soulful. Her lyrical voice bypasses the mind and goes straight to the heart. Her honesty, gentleness, and musical literacy are hallmarks of her engaging performances.”
Joe Jencks – Singer Songwriter, Chicago, IL

Julie Thompson

For more information about Julie
Please see her website: www.julievoice.com

For Julie’s Webpage within the Organic Arts website see:Cooperating Artists

Libra ~

Linda and Poul Sandersen

A Balance of Bluegrass, County, Folk, and Standards

LibraMusic, Linda and Poul Sandersen of the ”Pickin’ Up Speed Bluegrass Band,”
get down to Grass Roots with Bluegrass, Folk, Old Time Country, Environmental, and homegrown harmonies

LINDA SANDERSEN is Lead Singer and founder of Pickin’ Up Speed. Besides playing rhythm guitar for the band, she is also known as one of the premiere Autoharp and Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer players in the state of Wisconsin.

POUL SANDERSEN- Poul is a man of many talents. He is Pickin’ Up Speed’s bass player, laying down the foundation of the music. His accomplished song writing and talented harmonica playing can be heard on Pickin’ Up Speed’s popular recordings.

Please see Pickin’ up Speed’s website and call for further information:

Linda and Poul Sandersen

For Poul & Linda’s Webpage within the Organic Arts website see:Cooperating Artists

Skip Jones

Forgotten Audiences

Folksinger, storyteller, grandfather and wisdom-keeper

Skip has visited 4,500 senior centers, nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and memory care units in the past 30 years. He is always well received and connects in a sincere and loving way with elders of all backgrounds. Seniors who have experienced Skip’s performances express that they love him, his music, and say they look forward to his next visit.

He is an adaptive performer combining music, stories and humor in a way that invokes memories and helps our elders celebrate life, family and community.

More than entertainment, Skip’s programs touch all eight essential elements of good Senior programming. Through his songs and stories, his performances touch the intellectual,psychological, emotional, spiritual, occupational, inter-generational, special interests and community contact.

He sings the old songs that elders joyously sing along with. His stories inspire them to tell theirs, reminding them of days past and their younger selves. Each visit becomes a warm experience for residents and staff alike.

715 / 881 - 1919 (Cell)
715 / 793 - 4709 (Home)

Jean-Andrew of STORYLORE

Jean-Andrew has practiced the art of storytelling for over 20 years. Her lively style of telling has engaged both children and adults. A good story can rejuvenate spirits and carry one off on imagination set free. And in case you wondered, storytelling isn’t just for children anymore. In fact, it never was!

Jean-Andrew is the Director of the annual Tellabration evening of stories and holds monthly meetings of the Milwaukee Area Story Tellers Guild (M.A.S.T.) at Mount Mary University.

Programs especially for adults and seniors:

· Moments of Memory – learn to TELL your own life experience
· Themed Programs – tales with a special or seasonal focus
· Animal Adventures – true stories & invitation to share
· Seasonal Stories – turn of the year & holiday tales
· A Time to Laugh – exercise your funny bone
· Mix It Up – intergenerational stories

Please see Jean-Andrew’s website and call for further information:

(414) 962–4425

For Jean-Andrew’s Webpage within the Organic Arts website see:Cooperating Artists

Further Information

Moments of Memory – We all have lived experiences that are worth remembering, retelling and passing onto others. Participants will be guided in storytelling activities that will help craft personal and family anecdotes into tellable tales. Background on the art of storytelling, as well as demonstrations will round out this workshop.

Themed Programs – If you have a special theme that is the focus of your event. There are stories for just about anything. Drawing from a large repertoire I will work with you to create a storytelling program that fits your needs.

Animal Adventures – Animal encounters, both wild and tame, are related in storytelling style. Then the audience is invited to share some of their own experiences. This can spill over into group storytelling with possibilities for recording and/or writing favorite animal memories.

Seasonal Programs – Autumn Harvest, Halloween, Winter Wonders, Christmas, Spring Delights, St. Pat’s Day, and perhaps other options with enough lead time to prepare.

A Time to Laugh – If laughter is the best medicine, take a big dose of these tickling tales and pop a few guffaws. This program raises storytelling to the rafters and entertains with comic timing and sly twists of the tongue. Sit back and enjoy.

Mix It Up – If you have access to groups of children (any age) or want to plan a family activity that will entertain all ages at the same time… let one of my intergenerational storytelling programs capture your whole audience.

For more information about Jean-Andrew
Please see her website: www.storylore.net


“In search of my mother’s garden, I found my own.” Alice Walker

Kristia Wildflower is an entertainer and educator full of energy and enthusiasm. She began to perform for elders when she was a teen in the 70′s. She can step onto a stage or into your living room with equal ease. Kristia constructs quality costumes to create colorful characters and combines them with an animated and dramatic style. She shares the secrets and wisdom held within the world of flowers. Plants and people have much in common: the beauty of diversity, the challenges of growth, the need for sunshine.Wildflower will go beyond the simple scientific identity, opening up the flower’s personality.

Programs especially for adults and seniors:

· Ivy the English Elf -Folklore of festive Holiday flora.
· Gypsy Rosa -the lore and love of roses.
· Patti O’Clover -The magic of the shamrock and other Irish blarney.

Please see Wildflower’s’s website and call for further information:


For Wildflower’s Webpage within the Organic Arts website see:Cooperating Artists

Further Information

Ivy the English Elf is elegant. Yule be entwined with her tales in The Folklore of Festive Flora. A holiday theme overgrown with mythology that will give you something to mull over.

Gypsy Rosa Rosa has wandered the world wide to collect cultural legends celebrating the lore and love of roses. All will be entranced by this colorful fun & flamboyant character who will share insights on the ways of the Rom, or Gypsy people.

Patti O’Clover Going Green Patti O’ Clover will bring luck for sure as this leperchaun leads you to a rainbow of diversity. She’ll share her pot o’gold and teach the meaning and magic of the shamrock and other Irish blarney.

“Everyone enjoyed your program a lot, even the 80 some year olds! It’s rare when an entertainer can please people of all ages, and you certainly did that! I can’t help but think that the stories you told and the gentle advice you gave in each one gave all of those present something to seriously consider in our own lives. Thank you so much for enriching us in a fun way! Be assured, we will hire you again!”
Jan Jacobs
ComeUnity Comm.

For more information about Wildflower
Please see her website: www.aboutwildflower.com!!

Twila Jean

Women’s Music and “Positive Pop” Programs

Twila Jean (Bergeron) is a musician, composer, adventurer, and champion of women’s music and art as vehicles for social change. She taught music in Wisconsin’s public schools for over twenty years, and during that time continued to compose, conduct, and perform music for children and adults in a variety of settings. Her band TJ and the Blue Roots play country swing/ southern goth and originals.

Twila Jean writes songs that tell stories of having lived life for a while. Songs of adventure, love, loss, heartache, and songs of ordinary people that make this world go around. She celebrates women who have often been at the forefront of social justice and change and shares some musical “her-story” and women’s stories through music.

Twila can also provide solo piano for special events, church services and ceremonies, and can easily sing quieter special music for funerals and memorial services. Please visit her website for further information on programs and residencies.

Twila Jean

For Twila’s Webpage within the Organic Arts website see:Cooperating Artists

Paul Akert

Actor / Storyteller

Actor/Storyteller Paul Akert portrays many different characters, each with a story to tell.

He is Ben Ginen, the dragon-making Toymaker at Bristol Renaissance Fair, King Brian Boru at Milwaukee’s Irish Fest, The Green Man at nature centers and environmental events, and of course, Santa Claus!

Paul will soon debut his one-man show on the life of John Muir and Muir’s Wisconsin roots.

Paul Akert

Michael Drake

Michael has an uncanny ability to make everyone happy and have a good time! Michael is just what the doctor ordered. He is devoted to greeting listeners and inviting them to sing along. Indeed, it’s easy with all the fun radiating from him and his original music and poems. Everyone is now 7 years old!

Please see Michael Drake’s website and call for further information:

Michael Drake

View over 270 videos!

For Michael’s Webpage within the Organic Arts website see:Cooperating Artists

Blowing in the Wind

(Duo or trio)

“The best of all the performances we’ve had here!” ~ Eastgate Manor, Algonquin IL~

BLOWING IN THE WIND presents the classic folk songs of the 1950s and 1960s. The favorite songs of Peter Paul & Mary, The Kingston Trio, John Denver, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and more ring out in a hootnanny of memorable tunes we grew up on.

David HB Drake, Julie Thompson and Doug Esty lead those good old songs and anthems from the days of ”make love, not war “ which still resonate today.

Programs especially for adults and seniors:

· Blowing in the Wind - Classic folk music of the 50s and 60s.
· Meeting here Tonight- Songs of Faith and the Spirit

Please see our website and call for further information:

David HB Drake

For Blowing in the Wind’s Webpage within the Organic Arts website see:Cooperating Artists


NOTE: Diane Bloom is currently on medical leave

SIDE BY SIDE - Diane and Sandy - Believe music is best enjoyed through participation. Because we offer active rather than passive performances, our audiences become part of the process.

Sing along - clap - dance if you wish. We will bring a duffel full of “instruments.” Play with us. Bang a tambourine; shake a maraca! Simply listen, if that is your choice.

This gives each person a feeling of belonging, no matter their age or individual challenges.

We keep programs flexible, which allows us to adjust our presentation to best serve the needs of our audience. Our repertoire includes folk songs, show tunes, music from movies (Bing Crosby/Bob Hope films are favorites!); we offer hymns, Ethnic songs, original music and love audience requests.

We can do special programs: Holiday music, Patriotic songs, International programs and more.

People love the warmth and fun we bring to each show.

Please see Side-By-Side’s listing under Cooperating Artists
on this website and call for further information

Sandy Lewis, Side-By-Side

Sky Schultz, Ph.D.

NOTE: Dr. Sky Schultz is currently on medical leave.

Dr. Sky Schultz has presented thousands of programs nationally for four decades as a serious speaker and as a humorous entertainer. He leads audiences of all ages on creative adventures in science, the world of nature, spirituality, and the poetic and visual arts.

Programs especially for adults and seniors:

· The power of Gratitude to change your life.
· My Search for Wisdom… and the best I have found.
· Profound and funny teaching stories… parables from around the world
· Telling the important stories in your life…a workshop.
· The Art of Seeing… or how to be rich with out money.

Custom presentations and workshops available.

Please see Sky’s website and call for further information:

Sky Schultz (aka Professor Oops!)
3343 North Gordon Place Milwaukee, WI 53212

For Sky’s Webpage within the Organic Arts website see:Cooperating Artists

Further Information

My search for wisdom…Since life is way too short to figure it all out by ourselves, so I made it my work to read and hang out with the wisest persons I could find. Although I was trained as a research clinical psychologist, I did not find, by and large, that it was the scientists who had the best answers, but the poets. I would like to surprise you with what I have found, thus far, with the best…and funniest.

Gratitude, it seems is not just a nice thing, but as Cicero (54 B.C. Roman author, orator, & politician) said: “Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.” If you would like to learn why, hear what other wise folks have to say, and perhaps tell what you are grateful for, come.

Teaching stories: All the great teachers used stories to communicate things that go beyond words. I have collected over decades some of the most wonderful “teaching stories” and parables from around the world. They are profound and sometimes funny and certainly worth sharing. If you wish, bring one of your favorites.

The Art of Seeing…or how to be rich with out money This program is about how our brain, mind, and heart work together to help us see. It is presented by Sky Schultz, Ph.D. who is a psychologist, an award winning artist, photographer and filmmaker, and an “entertaining educator” who does programs nationwide and internationally. This multi-media program demonstrates what the camera can see that which we cannot see with our eyes, and how we can learn to see (not just look). The program includes a brief history of photography, shows advances in micro, astral, and computer enhanced photography, but we will also explore the simplicity and joy of pencil drawing. Sky uses magic and hands-on experiences to illustrate his points. The program is both fun and educational.

For more information about Sky and Professor Oops!
Please see his website: www.professoroops.com

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