About Organic Arts and Fair Trade Arts

Fair Trade Arts is a concept based on fair pay for honest work and skills.

All of the Organic Arts Artists are full-time professionals with over 25 years experience each, performing full-time for kids, elders, festivals, and community events.

Our “day job” is serving our audiences with “public service arts” and we make our living by serving the community through the arts.

Fair Trade Arts means the artist’s work has a true value to the community, but in these times many organizations cannot afford the true value of a program.

Of course, the long term impact on community growth and learning can never be calculated in monetary terms, but the artist needs to be compensated fairly for the effort.

When the artist quotes the Fair Trade Arts value of the show, there is no “set” cost…

It’s based on how many people are being served, the distance to the show and time it takes to get there, if other shows can be “piggybacked” on the same trip at other schools, elder care facilities, or libraries to reduce travel costs for all, and the needs of the sponsor.
(A struggling inner city school or elders center gets higher priority for negotiation than a well-off suburban school or corporate-owned senior facility.)

This in mind, the question becomes:
What can you honestly afford and what is it worth to the audience?
Is $2.50 a person (less than a cup of fair trade coffee) too much to ask?

If you’re willing to help find other shows in the area or contact your local Chamber of Commerce to find a “sponsor” for the event, it really helps!

If you can afford the Fair Trade value, we deeply appreciate that you are paying artists at a fair rate!

If not, we’ll do our best to find a way to serve you anyhow.
Organic Arts asks that your organization acknowledges the difference
between the true value and actual cost, so that we can use this information to apply for grants and sponsors to make up the difference in the artist’s income or perhaps provide them a tax deduction for their contribution to your organization.

Organic Arts Ltd.

414–702–6053 / orgarts@gmail.com / www.performingartsmilwaukee.com

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