The Artists of Organic Arts

Our performers present library programs YEAR-ROUND for families, elders, and the community in addition to summer reading programs!

Please contact each artist individually for 2016 show descriptions, bookings, schedule, and costs

The general descriptions below the contact information are the generic listingsreproduced
from the DPI Wisconsin Children’s Performer Directory

David HB Drake


David HB Drake’s Wiscon-Sing

now available on DVD with accompanying songbook!

As heard on Wisconsin Public Radio’s “Simply Folk” program…

Go to for details

General Information:
David HB Drake has been on the road for over 30 years presenting songs from the Heartland. David was named “Family Music Artist of the Year” 2001 and “Folk Music Artist of the Year” 2002 by the Wisconsin Area Music Industry. From his Parents’ Choice Award winning Kidstuff album to his slide-and-song history programs on Wisconsin, Illinois, and the Great Lakes, David has performed for all ages throughout the Midwest.

David’s “The Illustrated Song” program brings the pages of children’s books based on sing-along folk songs to life using slides of the pages. All of David’s programs are suitable for preschool to senior citizens, reflecting classic folk songs of the human experience, and “heart” of our region.

New programs addressing the annual library themes are created each year! Special programs for Christmas, St. Pat’s, St. Valentines, Thanksgiving, July 4th, and the classic folk songs for the 60s (Blowing in the Wind) are also available.

The songs are accompanied on guitar, handmade banjo, concertina, dulcimer, and Native American flute. Programs are tailored for locale, particular themes, and audience mix. David’s programs are available year round. Information and recordings of his music are available at his web site.

Performing Area: Open space with electricity available indoors or outdoors (weather permitting) to accommodate a 5 by 10 foot performing area; for historic slide-and-song programs, a room that can be darkened is needed.

Fee: Negotiable, starting at $150; discounts for same-day multiple bookings in your area at other libraries, senior centers, parks, or schools.

-Menomonee Falls Library, Kris Stabo, W156 N8436 Pilgrim Rd, Menomonee Falls WI 53051, (262) 532–8915 / (262) 532–8917,
-Chilton Public Library, Steve Thiry, 221 Park St, Chilton WI 53014–1433, (920) 849–4414,
-West Bend Community Memorial Library, Nancy Bauer, 630 Poplar St, West Bend WI 53095–3246, (262) 335–5151 Ext.5245,

Contact: David HB Drake,
Organic Arts
2609 South Delaware Ave
Milwaukee WI 53201–0646
Phone: 414–702–6053

Jean-Andrew — Storyteller

When asked how to help children be more intelligent Albert Einstein said,

“Read them Fairy Tales.
If you want them to be more intelligent, read them more Fairy Tales.”

Interactive Storytelling Programs of Jean-Andrew’s best and favorite tales that will

  • invite participation
  • stimulate imagination
  • entertain with imaginative stories
  • encourage reading
  • send children to the books shelves

Individuals will be invited to pull a nursery/fairy tale question from the story jar, the audience (parents included) will be invited to answer the question.
That will lead to the story told.


Contact: Storylore, Jean-Andrew
1160 E Singer Circle,
Milwauke, WI 53212
Phone: (414) 962–4425
General Information:
Since 1982, Jean-Andrew has presented lively storytelling programs that weave magic with words, images, and amazing characterizations. She engages audiences of every age and before they know it, they’re drawn right into the tales. Listeners are encouraged to look for more good stories in books. Jean-Andrew draws upon her years as an elementary teacher and school librarian, as well as her long experience in the storytelling community as teacher, coach, and workshop presenter. Her wide repertoire offers selections that can be adapted to many settings, needs and themes. This is storytelling for “imagination cultivation.” It is sure to delight the heart and tickle the funny bone.

Performing Area: Flexible

Requirements: Chair, small table or bench for materials, access to electrical outlet. A portable sound system is available if needed.

Fee: Negotiable starting at $200, plus mileage beyond the Milwaukee metro area; discounts for multiple bookings and for small communities in northern Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan.

Travel Range: Wisconsin and beyond

Vicki Brostrom - Brookfield Pub. Lib.
Kate Fitzgerald-Fleck - Waukesha Pub. Lib.
Pat Graf - West Allis Pub. Lib.

Kristia Wildflower

her·sto·ry [hur-stuh-ree]

1.history of women.

bot·a·ny [bot-n-ee]

1.the science of plants.

eth·no·bot·a·ny [eth-noh-bot-n-ee]

1.the branch of botany concerned with the
use of plants in folklore,religion,history.

her·o·ine [her-oh-in]

1.a woman of distinguished courage or ability,
admired for her brave deeds and noble qualities.

2.principal female character in a story, play,etc.

Kristia Wildflower [ Kris-tee-ah] [ [wahyld-flou-er]

1.creative woman with 25 expierince as
storyteller and speaker.

2.educator, entertainer and ethnobotist.

3.actress, artist and activist.

Contact: Kristia Wildflower
915 Reed St
Plymouth Wi 53073

General Information:
Explore magical and mysterious worlds with Pepper the Pirate as she Searches for Treasures of the High Seas. Cosmos will reveal the truth behind the Invasion of the Little Green Aliens. The Fairy Godmother or Peony the Pixie gives us a peek into the Secret World of Faerie Folk! Did you know that Water Dragons, Mandrakes, and Wolfbane are all growing in Wisconsin? Witch Hazel or Lady Rosemary can tell you more about these poisonous, as well as healing herbs. Do you know the stories behind popular holiday plants such as; mistletoe, evergreens, and holly? Ivy the English Elf can tell you. Medieval and Native American Legends, Roman and Greek myths, fairytales from Scandinavia to Asia are packed full of pumpkins, apples, and corn, oaks, willows and mulberries, lilies, roses, violets and many more.

People, plants, stories, science, history, horticulture and humor have been inseparable since the beginning of time. So it is for Wildflower Productions, Kristia brings all these elements to life with her dozens of WildFlower costumed characters and programs. She is a colorful performer who has really blossomed.

Requirements: Table and electrical outlet if PA is needed.

Fee: $200, plus mileage if more than 60 miles from Plymouth WI
Travel Range: Statewide and Northern IL

Mead Public Library, Aimee Steinbruecker, 710 N 8th St, Sheboygan WI 53081–4563, (920) 469–3200,
Judy Farrow-Busack, 821 Walnut St, West Bend WI 53095, (262) 334–7868
Ripon Public Library, Linda DeCramer, 120 Jefferson St, Ripon WI 54971–1395, (920) 748–6160,

Program will include stories, songs, science & silliness.
Suitable for all ages handouts included. 45–60 min long
Fee $250.oo mileage included.

Michael Drake

Author/Musician / Mr.Pickles

Michael Drake, AKA Mr. Pickles, is a kid at heart!
Michael’s Interactive, inclusive, instructive, animated, unique personality and overt character draws the kids into the science of sound!

For a Video Interview with Mr. Pickles, go to:

Contact: Michael Drake
(414) 769–2001
Website: View over 270 Videos!

Michael’s 3 kids presentations: “The Island Kids Show”, “LIVE, the Roaming Reader” and “Bang to the Thang” …percussion for all, are based off of his published children’s books, The Growing Books Vol.1 and 2. These are whimsical poem picture books that inspire creativity. Combine that with 8 CDs of his original music, and you have… Yee Ha!

General Information:
He’ll read and show his poems out loud, then play some music for the wonderful crowd. The time will fly by in a blink of an eye but the feelings will last long after goodbye! Michael “Papa” Drake A.K.A. “Pickles” has a unique 1 on 1 to 100 bubbling personality and style that connects and reflects a spirited, fun-filled, heartfelt life with a captivating smile!

Pickles explodes through a very unique animated reading of his whimsical children’s books, “The Growing Books.” The kids gather around Pickles the Pied Piper for the impromptu concert as they hear the golden flourishing trumpet sounds reaching for the sky from his incredible gold plated Trumpet! Pickles’ overt character draws the kids in to hang around as he reads from oversized versions of his books!

The on-the-spot shows also include sing-alongs, hula hoops, percussion, and other spontaneous people-friendly activities.
Michael has an uncanny ability to make everyone happy and have a good time! Papa Michael is just what the doctor ordered. He is devoted to greeting listeners and inviting them to sing along. Indeed, it’s easy with all the fun radiating from him and his original music and poems. Papa Michael’s love of children is who he is… a kid at heart! His one-on-one, nose-to-nose, forehead-to-forehead, elbow-to-elbow, hand-to-hand love of life pours out to the kids, and they respond!

Performing Area: 5 by 8 foot area to set up props

Requirements: Electric outlet

Fee: Negotiable starting at $75, depending on travel range, quantity, type, and length of performances

Travel Range: Nationwide

Libra ~

Linda and Poul Sandersen

A Balance of Bluegrass, County, Folk, and Standards

LibraMusic, Linda and Poul Sandersen of the ”Pickin’ Up Speed Bluegrass Band,”
get down to Grass Roots with Bluegrass, Folk, Old Time Country, Environmental,and homegrown harmonies

General Information:
LINDA SANDERSEN is Lead Singer and founder of Pickin’ Up Speed. Besides playing rhythm guitar for the band, she is also known as one of the premiere Autoharp and Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer players in the state of Wisconsin.

POUL SANDERSEN- Poul is a man of many talents. He is Pickin’ Up Speed’s bass player, laying down the foundation of the music. His accomplished song writing and talented harmonica playing can be heard on Pickin’ Up Speed’s popular recordings.

Please see Pickin’ up Speed’s website and call for further information:


Twila Jean

Children’s Music and “Positive Pop” Community Concerts

Twila Bergeron is a musician, composer, adventurer, and champion of women’s music and art as vehicles for social change. She taught music in Wisconsin’s public schools for over twenty years, and during that time continued to compose, conduct, and perform music for children and adults in a variety of settings. Please visit her website for further information on programs and residencies.

Paul Akert

Actor / Storyteller

Actor/Storyteller Paul Akert portrays many different characters, each with a story to tell.

He is Ben Ginen, the dragon-making Toymaker at Bristol Renaissance Fair, King Brain Boru at Milwaukee’s Irish Fest, The Green Man at nature centers and environmental events, and of course, Santa Claus!

Paul will soon debut his one-man show on the life of John Muir and Muir’s Wisconsin roots.


NOTE: Dr. Sky Schultz is currently on medical leave.

Sky Schultz / Professor Oops!

(Awaiting Copy)

Contact: Sky Schultz Ph.D,
3343 N Gordon Pl, Milwaukee WI 53212
Phone: work (414) 964–5962, cell (414) 712–4448

General Information:
A splendid combination of science, audience participation, humor, magic, and wacky inventions to help you discover the amazing potential of your magical mind.

For four decades libraries, schools, and colleges across the country and abroad have been using Sky Schultz and/or his other persona, “Professor Oops!”, to inspire life-long learning. Professor Oops! communicates important ideas about ecology, creativity, science, and psychology in a most delightful way. He uses magic, juggling, and hilarious inventions to make important concepts stick in people’s minds. An example of such a program is “Water’s Wonders.” Professor Oops!, “the water wizard,” leads the audience on a scientific exploration concerning the most common, mysterious, and unique substance on the planet—WATER—and its intimate relation to all living things. This is a participatory family program which demonstrates, with absolutely safe experiments, water’s wonder-full properties. Professor Oops’ goal is always to inspire the joy of life-long learning and how reading is a primary tool for that journey. It has been his most popular program for decades.
“Common Mysteries and Common Miracles” is about the science of the amazing things all around us and within us… the science of the wonderful (like water, air, light, laughter). Professor Oops! entertains while educating audiences of all ages, specializing in mixed-aged family audiences. A world traveler and a local explorer, he also offers his professional films and slide presentations on local history, flowers, trees, and astronomy. He will customize his program to suit your needs.
Another program is “Oh my, what a magical mind you have!” This program is all about creativity in every part of your life. Professor Oops!, “the explorer who stayed at home” and the “World’s Greatest Authority on Misteaks,” will show you how to enhance your creativity and have more fun, too. The professor uses research and information from the world’s most creative people to help you use your unique gifts to the fullest. The program is a splendid combination of audience participation, magic, really wacky inventions, and the professor’s “Genius Lessons.”

Requirements: Two tables; electrical outlet; Sky generally provides own sound system.

Fee: Negotiable starting at $285, plus mileage; discounts for multiple bookings

Spring Green Community Library, Brenda Francis, 230 E Monroe St, Spring Green WI 53588–8035, (608) 588–2276,
New Holstein Public Library, Tammy Frehm, 2115 Washington St, New Holstein WI 53061–1098, (920) 898–5165,
Pauline Haas Public Library, Kirsten Mortimer, N64W23820 Main St, Sussex WI 53089–3122, (262) 246–5180,

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