Other Good Folks…

If one of our Participating Artists are not available
or an appropriate fit for your event,
we recommend the following artists we personally know to be good folks…

Will Branch / Old Timey Music -

Dance Circus / Betty Salamun, Director - Modern Dance -

Cater Productions / Suzanne Cater, Director - Modern Dance -

Fintan Dooley / Story-Sculptor

Dusty Rose / storyteller -


Rick Fitzgerald / John Denver-style music-

Fox And Branch / Old Timey and Children’s Music -

Virginia Hirsch / Madame Le Beauís Ghost Theatre -


MaryAnn Miller / Celtic Harp

262–786–5036 / harpmaryann@outlook.com /www.youtube.com/watch?v=WgrFUtqpGw0

Sadarri / African Diaspora Tales

Skip Jones / Folksinger -

L’il Rev / Instrumentalist, Jewish music -

Dave Stokes / Nature Songs and Stories -

Harvey Taylor / Poet -

Holly Haebig-Wake / Singer/songwriter, Activist, Flutist

Teju the Storyteller / African Tales and Drumming

Kathleen Mohr (Pocket Lady) / Costumed Storyteller

Tom Stanfield / Piano Favorites

Tom Gill / Rhythm for Unity Drum Circle

Genot Picor / French Voyageur Tales

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