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David HB Drake

Simple Faith ~Programs for Spirit Events, Retreats, and Weddings

David is the song leader at the Congregation of the Great Spirit in Milwaukee and has been playing music for religious and spiritual events including weddings and funerals for over 30 years. His programs include:

WEDDINGS, especially for the Second Time Around
David is especially good at playing for Second Marriages, where the celebrants are over 55 and their favorite love songs come from the 50s and 60s or a for young couples into “retro” music. Songs from John Denver, Peter Paul & Mary, Simon & Garfunkel, Tom Paxton, and many more.
Sample Video (“Give yourself to Love”)at

CHRISTMAS-Let There be Light Concert
Folk Songs for the Christmas season. David has performed this concert at churches, elder care facilities, and community gatherings. For more information visit:

EASTER or ANYTIME - A Joyful Noise
Songs of Simple Faith for Easter or spiritual events any time of year. For more information visit:

Please see David’s website and call for further information:
David HB Drake’‘’

For videos of David’s “Joyful Noise” program live, go to

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Julie Thompson

Celebration Soloist

“Julie Thompson sings with a style that is silky and soulful. Her lyrical voice bypasses the mind and goes straight to the heart. Her honesty, gentleness, and musical literacy are hallmarks of her engaging performances.”
Joe Jencks – Singer Songwriter, Chicago, IL

Julie Thompson is a regular soloist at weddings and for various churches, regularly at Unity Church.
Her wedding repertoire can be adjusted to the age and desires of the celebrants. Julie sings in various styles including jazz, love songs, show tunes and more. Julie can appear solo with guitar, or with tracks.
She offers a wide range of music with her duo JTnT and she performs with a 20 piece big band for larger events.

Sample Video (“Let it be Me”) at

Julie Thompson

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A Meeting Here Tonight

with Dangerous Folk

Available as a duo or trio

BLOWING IN THE WIND presents the classic folk songs of faith the 1950s and 1960s in their “Meeting Here Tonight” program. The favorite songs of Peter Paul & Mary, The Kingston Trio, John Denver, Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan and more ring out in a hootenanny of memorable tunes we grew up on.

David HB Drake, Julie Thompson and Doug Esty are each song leaders in their respective houses of worship.
They lead the congregation in those good old songs and anthems which teach us that “to sing is to pray twice”.

Sampler Video at

Please see our website and call for further information:

David HB Drake

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Libra ~ Linda and Poul Sandersen

Down-home, Old-time Soul Music

Libra (Linda and Poul Sandersen of the ”Pickin’ Up Speed Bluegrass Band”) get down to Grass Roots of Faith with Bluegrass, Folk, Old Time Country, and homegrown harmonies. From classic spirituals and gospel to foot-tapping songs of inspiration, Libra raises the spirit with down-home old-time soul.

Sampler Video at

Please see Pickin’ up Speed’s website and call for further information:


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Twila Jean

Spiritual Journeys

Twila’s personal spiritual journey draws wisdom from many world religions, and as many Unitarian Universalists will do, she attempts to live her values through her art. During her tenure as Unitarian Church North’s music and choir director, she led the adult choir in her home church as well as the mass choir consisting of over one hundred singers from throughout southeast Wisconsin. She performed, composed, and arranged music for varying sizes of instrumental groups and piloted a singing meditation program.

Twila’s solo spiritual performance work is perfect for weddings and commitment ceremonies, funerals and memorial services, or spiritual and religious gatherings of all kinds. Please visit her website or SoundCloud for more information and examples of her work.

Sampler Video at


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Michael Drake

Heavenly Trumpet

Michael’s Trumpet playing for Processional, Recessional for weddings or adding inspirational flavor to a service. Michael’s “No Tan Lines” band is available for wedding receptions and dinners with an island flavor and he leads several Jazz groups from duets to full bands.

Sample Video (“Angel”) at


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Kristia Wildflower


Kristia Wildflower is an actress, storyteller who is licensed to act as the celebrant for unique wedding ceremonies.

(920) 207–8709

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The Stories and Lore of Creation

Jean-Andrew has practiced the art of storytelling for over 20 years. Her lively style of telling has engaged both children and adults. A good story can rejuvenate spirits and carry one off on imagination set free. And in case you wondered, storytelling isn’t just for children anymore. In fact, it never was!

Her stories illuminate the roots of faith and bring tales of the spirit to all those who would listen.

Please see Jean-Andrew’s website and call for further information:

(414) 962–4425

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NOTE: Dr. Sky Schultz is currently on medical leave.

Dr.Sky Schultz, Ph.D.

Sacred and Profound Explorations

Dr. Sky Schultz is a Doctor of Psycology, student of Rumi, and explorer of the roots of faith.

In his delightful sampler of Walt Whitman, Americas most beloved poet, who said, “I am vast, I contain a multitude.” Also included is the remarkably beautiful and profound poems and stories of Jalaluddin Rumi—a twelfth century Persian poet who is called the greatest spiritual poet of any era and the Shakespeare of the East. Rumi is also very funny. The Rumi translations I use are mostly those of Coleman Barks. These poets dazzle and can change and heal your life.

Dr. Schultz has presented thousands of programs nationally for four decades as a serious speaker and as a humorous entertainer. He leads audiences of all ages on creative adventures in science, the world of nature, spirituality, and the poetic and visual arts.

Programs especially for adults and seniors:

· The power of Gratitude to change your life.
· My Search for Wisdom… and the best I have found.
· Profound and funny teaching stories… parables from around the world
· Telling the important stories in your life…a workshop.
· The Art of Seeing… or how to be rich with out money.

Custom presentations and workshops available.

Please see Sky’s website and call for further information:


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